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The Orthodox Paschal Cycle

8:00pm, March 4, 2016,
Christ Church, 84 Broadway St. New Haven
Sponsored by: Yale University Institute of Sacred Music


2016 US Tour: Full schedule

Please see available dates in the following areas of the country! If you would like to host, contact j.graham [at]

  • Feb. 24-29 (Chicago, St. Louis, Iowa City, Indiana)
  • March 1-4 (Connecticut)
  • March 5-7 (Massachusetts, Vermont)
  • March 8-12 (New York, Philly, DC)

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Ensemble biography

Bagrat int sm.jpgThe Anchiskhati Choir, renowned for their vocal precision and exquisitely executed performances, present a program of Easter and Lenten music in the idiom of Orthodox polyphonic music from Caucasus Georgia. Sung in three-voiced close harmony, the precision of timbre, tuning, and other nuances of authentic practice in an Anchiskhati performance yield an exquisite blend of ethereal Orthodox prayer text with the hearty passion of the Caucasian folk-singing style.

On the present tour, they will be performing a selection from their latest project, "The Orthodox Paschal Cycle." The singers expertly negotiate the complex polyphonic forms of these familiar Paschal texts, their voices precisely tuned to the unique other-worldly harmonies and intonation styles of the Georgian harmonic idiom....


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