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Traditional instruments

Instruments from left to right:

  1. chunir: three stringed bowed viol, unfretted, from Svaneti region. Typically played to accompany ballad songs in three-part harmony.
  2. doli: two-headed drum, typical especially in western Georgia and urban centers such as Tbilisi, accompanies dance songs.
  3. changi: triangular harp from the Svaneti region with seven or more strings. Has analogues with the ancient Persian chang.
  4. panduri: three-stringed fretted lute from Kartl-Kakhetian region of Eastern Georgia. Accompanies solo songs or group songs.
  5. chonguri: four-stringed lute from the Samegrelo, Guria region of Western Georgia, unfretted. Has one fixed string. Accompanies all type of vocal music.
  6. chiboni: (pictured below). Goatskin bagpipe from the highlands of Guria and Adjara.

On the 2016 US Tour, the Anchiskhati Quartet will feature the chiboni (#6) and the chonguri (#5).



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