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July 1 - 12, 2015
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July 17 - Aug. 2, 2015
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Tao-Klarjeti Tour A Journey into SW Georgia & NE Turkey
May, 2016
Georgian Culture Tour: East Monasteries, Vineyards, and Mountains
June, 2016.
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Sakhioba Ensemble TourOctober, 2012
Zedashe Ensemble TourOctober 2007
Anchiskhati Church Choir TourOctober 2005








Carol Wetmore, New Jersey, USA:
The 2013 Monastery Tour exceeded my expectations at every turn!  Without doubt, it was the finest trip I've ever experienced.  Georgia was an amazing cultural experience, and John Graham and his co-workers did everything imaginable to add wonderful touches to the trip.  It was a spiritual, cultural, culinary, and intellectual feast, with amazing, unexpected delightful surprises at every turn.

Marian Babiak, New Jersey, USA:
The music and the sacred spaces:  surely the most memorable and moving of all our Georgian experiences. Yours, Soso’s, and Shergil’s beautifully blended voices raised in chant in the churches and cathedrals transformed those visits into worship. Deeply moving also was the
response of people who had the good fortune to be in church at the moment of your chanting.

Terry Cowan, Texas, USA:
I think differently now.  Georgian drivers do not ignore the white lines at all.  In fact, they use them for alignment:  two tires on the left side of the line and two tires on the right.  As oncoming traffic is doing much the same thing, driving can resemble a perpetual game of "Chicken."  If you need to pass, no problem.  By all means do so, whether on the right or the left.  If you are going around a curve, just go for it anyway.  Do not concern yourself with the oncoming traffic.  They will scoot over.  Or not. 

And so now I realize that Georgian drivers are simply the best in the world, as they maneuver around cows, pigs, switchbacks, and potholes the size of small bedrooms, all with effortless aplomb.  Our driver, Archilko, proved to be the best of the best.

Tamara Jhashi, Michigan, USA:
Well, for starters, it was a fabulous tour that surpassed my expectations.  You are a wonderful leader, John, and perhaps even without realizing it, you set the tone for a relaxed, informative, and fun experience.  If you were annoyed by anything, you never let it show, and kept your good humor the entire trip.  If anyone had any issue or problem, you tried to correct it immediately.  So, we were all in exceptionally good hands.  I can't thank Shergil and Soso enough for all of their amiability and -- best of all -- their beautiful voices!!

Henry Pelham Burn, New York, USA:
We really can't think of any improvements to the June tour. What we particularly appreciated were the personal touches, from your meeting us at the airport to all the encounters along the way with you, Soso and Shergil and the relaxed way you all introduced us to friends and relations, food and history, so that the country grew on us and we came to appreciate so many of its aspects.