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Member profiles

Malkhaz Erkvanidze (director)

was born and raised among traditional singers in the central Georgian region of Imereti. While studying musicology at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire, he founded the influential Anchiskhati Church Choir, which over the course of 20 years has produced more than ten seminal recordings of Georgian liturgical chant. In his capacity as a consultant on chant for the Georgian Patriarchate, Malkhaz has compiled and edited six volumes of church chant. He is widely consulted on matters pertaining to the performance and theory of traditional music, both folk, and sacred, and has lectured and toured outside of Georgia on dozens of occasions. Malkhaz has led the Sakhioba Ensemble since 2008, and currently teaches at the Tbilisi Conservatory and the Academy of Chant Studies. He has three children and sings all three voice parts, as well as the four-stringed lute, "chonguri."

Davit Abramishvili

also comes from the Imereti region, where he first started studying traditional music. When he continued his studies in Tbilisi, Davit joined the Sakhioba ensemble. He sings first voice, as well as the specialized yodeling from Western Georgia called "krimanchuli."

Tornike Kandelaki

comes from the mountain region of Racha. He studied traditional music under Malkhaz Erkvanidze at the School for Chant of the Georgian Patriarchate, and sings first voice and krimanchuli yodeling.

Soso Kopaleishvili

grew up singing and playing the three-stringed lute (panduri) with his father in the central Georgian region of Imereti. He sings first and second voice, and also plays the bagpipes "gudistviri," and the double-headed drum "doli."

Beka Kovziashvili

is from the East Georgian region of Kartli. He studies full time at the Academy of Chant Studies in Tbilisi, and sings first and second voice in Sakhioba, and plays the three-stringed lute, "panduri."

Davit Shukakidze

is from the central Georgian region of Imereti and has been singing since childhood. He is an economist in Tbilisi, and father of two. He sings second and bass in Sakhioba, as well as the bagpipes, "chiboni."

Giorgi Gvimradze

is a political scientist from Tbilisi, and father of three children. He is a founding member of the Sakhioba ensemble and sings middle voice.

Davit Jamrishvili

comes from the mountain region of Mtiuleti. He studied fine arts at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts and is an accomplished painter and enamel artist. He sings middle voice in Sakhioba, plays the three-stringed lute "panduri," and designs all the cd artwork for the group.

Vakho Tsetskhladze

comes from a well-known singing family from West Georgia. He sings in the Mama Daviti Church Choir, and joined Sakhioba for their tours to Poland and Ukraine in 2009, where he sings bass.

David Batirashvili

is from Tbilisi and started singing as a boy, later continuing while studying theology at the Tbilisi Seminary. He has one daughter, and sings bass with Sakhioba.

Giorgi Dzaganishvili

is an economist and has been singing in various groups in Tbilisi since 2002. He is a founding member of Sakhioba and sings bass.

Guja Narimanashvili

is an entrepreneur and economist from Tbilisi. He first started singing with song-master Otar Berdzenishvili and later with Malkhaz Erkvanidze while studying at the Tbilisi Seminary. He is a father of three children and sings bass in Sakhioba.

Vladimer (Lado) Shonia

is an engineer by training and comes from the Western Georgian region of Samegrelo. He grew up singing in school and church, and joined Sakhioba in 2006, where he sings bass.


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