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Praise for Sakhioba

"Audience response has been absolutely incredible, much more than we could have anticipated. They have had many standing ovations, and every audience so far has refused to leave without an encore from Sakhioba."   
- Marc Jackson, UK tour organizer

"One of the most accomplished and spirited ensembles to come out of Georgia in recent years, Sakhioba offers an impressively varied program in which songs in different regional styles are executed with a winning combination of passion and precision."
- Caroline Bithell, University of Manchester

"Georgian polyphony is without doubt one of the wonders of the musical world and the ensemble Sakhioba is one of the brightest jewels in Georgia’s crown. Their mastery of an astonishingly varied palette of unusual vocal techniques is formidable."
- Caroline Bithell, University of Manchester

"To say that Sakhioba’s recent UK tour created a stir would be a gross understatement. Audiences across the country were thrilled by the ensemble’s dazzling display of ringing harmonies, virtuosic yodelling, and nifty footwork, interspersed with soulful laments and love songs that seemed momentarily to stop the universe in its tracks."
- Caroline Bithell, University of Manchester



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